Friday, 14 April 2006

Insult JC all you want, just don't mention Mohamed!

The other night, a South Park episode (cartoon wars II) was censored from showing Mohamed (even though they've done this before in the episode called 'super friends' - see above), just because of recent events surrounding the Danish cartoons. They gave in to terror, so I guess the terrorists have won this round.

I did a little looking around and read some of the far-right Muslim sites reaction to the cartoons and I have to say, I've never read such arrogant, self-righteous crap in all my life -and I've read Rush Limbaugh. Just who the FUCK do these people think they are to impose their religious beliefs and laws on the rest of the world? They threaten us with economic sanctions, violence and terrorism all over some stupid cartoons -and people wonder why the Muslim faith is getting a bad reputation?

I took a look at the cartoons and whilst I didn't find them funny, I didn't think they were actually that insulting, I wouldn't be linking to them if I wasn't doing so out of solidarity to all the people who've been harassed, imprisoned or killed over this issue. Clearly though, a lot of Muslims don't have any sense of humour. So, all because a minority of joy-less, pathetic little children got their delicate sensibilities hurt, the rest of the world gets told what they can and can't say. Well, fuck that.

Here you go.
You can also see some here
here's one from 1827. You see, there's nothing new about drawing offensive cartoons - funny how it's suddenly become such a big issue for them isn't it?