Saturday, 3 December 2005

Sony's illegal DRM move

Mark, Sysinternals Blog: "At that point I knew conclusively that the rootkit and its associated files were related to the First 4 Internet DRM software Sony ships on its CDs. Not happy having underhanded and sloppily written software on my system I looked for a way to uninstall it. However, I didn’t find any reference to it in the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs list, nor did I find any uninstall utility or directions on the CD or on First 4 Internet’s site. I checked the EULA and saw no mention of the fact that I was agreeing to have software put on my system that I couldn't uninstall. Now I was mad."

Here's a list of the laws SONY are breaking, in my opinion:

The computer misuse Act 1990:
It an offence to make "unauthorised access to computer material"
It is an offence to make "unauthorised modification of computer material".

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy".
England signed up to the human right act in the EU parliament, recently.

SONY are facing legal action for this allready: bbc

Here's a link to what's been happening this month to SONY's share price: here.

See SONY, this is what happens when you spy on people and compromise their systems with your buggy, illegal, intrusive DRM spyware.

I want to see someone at SONY go to jail for this. They shouldn't be able to buy their way out of it, damn them. How many hackers have been sent to prison for far less than this?