Friday, 5 August 2005

Would recoding email have stopped 9/11?


Terrorists wouldn't be stupid enough to use these communication mediums without some sort of protection like encryption which would be cracked after the attacks (if at all). No, the only thing this would be good for is spying on your own, looking for 'the trouble makers', figuring out when protests are going to occur and blocking them, etc. The next big step to an Orwellian state.

Just what are we fighting for anyway if we have to give up all our freedoms and rights until we win a war on terror (that will never end)?

"The attacks on London are an attack on human rights. The protection of those human rights matters most when governments and societies face times of crisis. The worst possible response would be to jeopardise those carefully wrought rights by a panic-inspired response. A mass surveillance response to terror would result in a resounding success for the perpetrators of these attacks: a fundamental undermining of our most fundamental values."

Please take time to sign the petition above, against the new proposal to 'keep all telephone and internet traffic data of all 450 million Europeans'.