Wednesday, 17 August 2005

The Zotob worm

Scary stuff....

InformationWeek : "...rather than attack as a network worm that requires no user interaction, it's a mass-mailed piece of malware posing as an image file attached to an e-mail message. Zotob.c uses such subject headings as 'Warning!' or 'Important' to get the naive to view the message and open the file attachment."

I wasn't too impressed with Microsoft's page about the worm, they just said it installs 'malicious software' and spreads (see here. Just what is malicious? Pop-up messages asking me to buy pills, changing my windows background to the weight-lifter picture or formatting my hard-disc? A little more information would be nice.

CNN just says 'Symptoms include the repeated shutdown and rebooting of a computer.'

I wonder how long it will be before some idiot make a virus like this which is deadly to PCs running windows -that really does format your disc or flash your BIOS with garbage after infecting as many PCs as possible.

A patch isn't much consolation after you've lost all the files on your HD or had your BIOS flashed. How about a little prevention rather than retro-active patching eh, Bill?

(found via Slashdot).

Friday, 5 August 2005

Would recoding email have stopped 9/11?


Terrorists wouldn't be stupid enough to use these communication mediums without some sort of protection like encryption which would be cracked after the attacks (if at all). No, the only thing this would be good for is spying on your own, looking for 'the trouble makers', figuring out when protests are going to occur and blocking them, etc. The next big step to an Orwellian state.

Just what are we fighting for anyway if we have to give up all our freedoms and rights until we win a war on terror (that will never end)?

"The attacks on London are an attack on human rights. The protection of those human rights matters most when governments and societies face times of crisis. The worst possible response would be to jeopardise those carefully wrought rights by a panic-inspired response. A mass surveillance response to terror would result in a resounding success for the perpetrators of these attacks: a fundamental undermining of our most fundamental values."

Please take time to sign the petition above, against the new proposal to 'keep all telephone and internet traffic data of all 450 million Europeans'.

Monday, 1 August 2005

Fighting the 419-ers

Advance fee fraud, often also known as the Nigerian money transfer fraud, Nigerian scam or 419 scam

Ah Nigerian scammers, how they make me laugh....

'Dear Sir, I have a huge sum of money to invest... blah...blah...blah... [implausible situation]....blah...[ridiculous request]....blah....give you lots of money if you agree to [insert bait here].... yours in Jesus, [made up English-sounding name]".

What cracks me up more is the folks who decide to play with them.....

Artists against 419 presents: The Lad Vampire

419 eater