Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Party policies summary

There's a useful page on the BBC news site to summarise party polices.

I've read through this and it's helped me make my decision about who to vote for in the next UK election. Some of the things here made me laugh though:

"Stand by Iraq war - even if weapons intelligence was wrong, Saddam flouted UN resolutions"
"university top-up fees up to £3,000, with grants for poorest students"

Ha! Flouting UN resolutions is an excuse for war is it? Then we'd better invade America because all Bush ever does is flout resolutions! Idiots. Good luck getting the student vote Tony, telling them that they need to pay 3k a year.

Why the hell do the conservatives want to 'oppose postal voting'? - w**kers. I hope that those fascist bastards don't get in. I'd vote Labour if I thought they weren't just a more efficient version of the Conservative party instead of actually being socialists like they claimed to be. Besides, I don't want that grinning git Tony to get in again and let us be ruled by proxy from America for the next 5 years.

I'm quite impressed by some of the ideas that the Lib Dems have come up with though:
"Replace council tax with a local income tax"
"Raise stamp duty threshold to £150,000 to help first-time buyers."
"50% tax rate on earnings over £100,000 a year"
"Replace fuel tax/VED with national road user charging"
"no GM crops without strict controls"
"written Constitution"
"want only judges to imprison terror suspects"

I especially like the idea of scrapping council tax and replacing it with local income tax. When you run the rat race all your life, surely after you retire and stop earning money you shouldn't have to pay tax on your home - that's just plain f***ing wrong.

The biggest (and most convincing) argument against the Lib Dems I've heard to date is that it will simply cost us too much but I think the 50% tax on the rich should sort that out. What's the alternative? Labour and Conservative parties have been f***ing us over for the past three decades and like typical British people, we keep on taking it.