Thursday, 3 March 2005

So you're on TV - nobody cares!

There's been an alarming increase of 'reality' shows on TV over the past couple of years (although I'm not quite sure how being locked in a room full of ugly lesbians and loud-mouthed scouse-t***s can be classed as reality: unless you are exceptionally unlucky). I can't understand why.

Also, there's all these magazines like 'Heat' advertised on TV, over and over again. Telling us who's sleeping with who, what they're wearing, their latest hair style and which designer made their handbag, etc -riveting stuff like that. Just once I'd like the 'Heat' advert to tell it like it really is:

Idiot Girl: [teases co-wokers about having magazine that they don't]
Co-worker: I'm sorry, I think you're confusing me with someone who gives a f***.
Idiot Girl: Oh... [puts mag in the bin and gets back to over-paid data-entry job].

If you ever flip through these mags as I'll admit I've done occasionally while I'm in the dentist's waiting room- you'll notice they're mostly just full of pictures of celebrities attending events.

Seriously, who gives a f***? Why the hell should I care what someone's wearing/doing/f***ing just because their ugly face has been on TV? What's with all the ex-soap/reality TV types releasing records and/or fitness videos? Here's some free advice to annoying attention-whore celebrities (like Jade from Big Brother): if you look like a pig and you're more annoying than the crazy frog ring-tone, stay at home.