Sunday, 13 February 2005

Interesting technical projects is an interesting project site I found via 'hack a day' about a bunch of people aiming to set up global, wireless, secure internet, for free. To "ensure that the free flow of information is not obstructed, captured, analyzed, modified, or logged".

I'm totally for this, I think in the past few years there's been an alarmingly rising rate of internet censorship and spying. Anyway... they've got some interesting links to alternative power sources on their site (to power the nodes in their wireless network). I particularly found this article on home fuel cells interesting: homefuelcells.pdf

I saw the idea of hydrogen fuel cells being used to generate power on tv about 7 years ago - looks like they've really moved on now and there are now viable home generators being developed. Hopefully in a couple of years time we'll be able to buy these units to fit in our homes and never have to pay a single penny to the greedy electric company again! All you need is water - amazing. The other really cool thing about hyrdogen power cells is that they're totally environmentally friendly unlike other power stations which contribute to global warming.

If only the American government would plough as much money into research into alternative fuel sources like this than it did invading other countries - we'd have half the pollution we do today. Imagine a world where all the cars run on water.

Hack a day's got lots of other cool links on it - check it out - like this guy who took high-altitude weather balloon and attached a Linux box, webcam, GPS, parachute and long distance wireless network (amongst other things) to take some awesome pictures. Cool.