Monday, 17 January 2005

Why the world needs the BBC

Another example of Fox News rapid-defence of Bush. I wonder why they're so afraid to let people criticise Bush on air?

If it weren't for the BBC, the only kind of media coverage of important events would be by biased right-wing a**holes like Bill O'Reilly - who never even give other people with views different to theirs a chance to explain themselves and offer up a different perspective other than 'America is great and we're always the good guys'.

For example: Transcript of Interview of Jeremy Glick by Bill O'Reilly. You can see the video here. Is that even remotely fair and balanced reporting?

'Sorry people, I wouldn't have invited him on the show if I knew that was what he thought' - unbelievable! He doesn't even try to pretend to be fair and balanced and Fox News has the nerve to criticise the BBC for being biased?

Fox News could learn a thing or two from the BBC about reporting, if they weren't so busy fellating the current administration.

This is what happens when your funding comes directly from advertisers and big corporations who themselves are entirely political and effectively get to censor the news because Fox is worried about one thing: money! Keeping the investors happy! You can't have fair and balanced media with vested interests.

But the BBC doesn't just benefit the UK - it's available world-wide (well, except for China and places like that - and not in the USA if Rupert Murock has his way). Unlike a lot of newspaper sites all over the world -you don't have to pay to view the stories on its website (not directly anyway)!

Some members of the government (particularly those that like white-washes) and the corporate media (Rupert Murdock, mostly) want to destroy the BBC -and they're just looking for an excuse to get rid of this little embarrassment to them.

In 2006 the government will review the 'royal charter' situation. Hopefully better judgment will prevail and we'll get to keep it as it is - I dread to think of the alternative: Fox News? I can almost imagine it. Well groomed, shiny-toothed yapping little lap dogs of big corporations, acting out the news with faked passion and interest like a nightmarish pantomime.

F*** you Rupert Murdock and the horse you rode in on.