Monday, 10 January 2005


I took one of these spam-vertisement IQ test things -I was bored- anyway... apparently I have an IQ of 136 and I'm a 'Visionary Philosopher' - according to this lot anyway. Is 136 good? Maybe, if it was a proper IQ test. Try it out but only if you're bored silly and need some exercise for your brain.

136? Visionary Philosopher? Pfffft! How come I'm still poor then, eh?

Or maybe 'Visionary Philosopher' is the PC way of saying 'daydreamer'... i.e.:

Fat bastard is to 'gravitationally challenged' as 'Visionary Philosopher' is to
(a) theoretical physicist
(b) astronaut
(c) penniless daydreamer

Send your answers on a postcard to Enclose £50 for my exclusive, personalised IQ report. SAMPLE.