Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Games these days....

Lets face it, XBOX LIVE Sucks donkey balls (I've got a 500k connection and its still lagging like hell), online multi-player games are slow and jerky and you'll only end up being shouted at by 12 year old american nerds. Most of the games you play are bad ports from the PC, with a few exceptions like Halo.

In fact, games have never been the same since the good old Spectrum days, remember Nebulus? Or for that matter, the early days of the PC weren't bad, Doom kicked ass, it did so much with so little. These days games creaters sacrifice story and playability for the latest geek-pant-wetting top-notch scientifically-acurate-to-12-decimal-places graphical effects that only someone with about £3000 can afford to play becasue that how much the system they're going to need to build will cost! Ok, they look pretty, but if I wanted to just sit there watching cool special effects, I'd sit down to watch the Matrix on DVD... again.... for like, the 1000th time.

Why don't they release these games with options to turn down all the special effects a little, like Unreal did (the first one), so you can just about manage to play it on the average PC?

In the good old days, people did more with less. Are you listening Mr Gates? Your f***ing web browser has a footprint of 23 Meg! 23,000k and what does it do for f*** sake? Display text and graphics and stupid flash adverts!

Every time I can finally afford to buy a new PC and I upgrade all my software versions with the new OS installation, I end up with a PC that does less than the the one I replaced because they've added so much more bloat-ware to the OS, browser and movie players the system actually runs slower!

Time to switch to linux and buy a Playstation or a Gamecube or something...