Wednesday, 29 December 2004

F-Wit of the month title awarded to Rush Limbaugh

"Top 50% of Wage Earners Pay 96.03% of Income Taxes"

Ah, nothing like a little hate-mongering against the poor is there Rush?

Looking a the same figures he supplied in even increments (rather than using his misleading, increasing sample size), I worked out that the top 5% might be paying 53.25%, but the next 5% are paying 11.64%, the next 15% pay 6% tax per 5% sample size, the next 25% highest earners pay only 2.6% per 5% sample. Rush is just manipulating the display of the figures to make it sound like the middle class are being screwed over by the poor! The question is, why? I think its because conservatives like Rush really dislike the idea of paying taxes to provide services for anyone but themselves, so anything they can do to turn people against the poor and needy is ok in their book and helps people like Bush get elected, who only dump on these people, while giving tax breaks to the extremely rich:

"the bill is heavily tilted toward the upper end of the income scale, with households that make over $1 million a year receiving an average tax cut or $93,500 in 2003, while households in the middle of the income spectrum receive an average tax cut of $217. Some 36 percent of households will receive no tax cut at all; 53 percent will receive $100 or less." source: Center on budget and policy priorities.

"The woman whose child killed classmate Kayla Rolland with an uncle's .32-caliber semiautomatic pistol worked at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill in an Auburn Hills mall. Clark is one of the Michigan employers receiving special tax breaks for hiring welfare recipients." source: Bowling for columbine.

Anyway, if his point is that he'd like to pay less tax then he should vote for someone who doesn't go invading other countries and racking up trillion dollar deficits! Who do you think pays for that Rush? Newsflash moron: you do!

If you really want the poor to pay more tax, you could vote to increase funding in schools and fight for state funded health services. Healthy workers tend to work more and be more productive (which helps the economy) and educated people get higher paid jobs - hence they pay more taxes!

Rush definitely gets the f***wit of the month award. What a pathetic, evil little weasel.