Wednesday, 29 December 2004

F-Wit of the month title awarded to Rush Limbaugh

"Top 50% of Wage Earners Pay 96.03% of Income Taxes"

Ah, nothing like a little hate-mongering against the poor is there Rush?

Looking a the same figures he supplied in even increments (rather than using his misleading, increasing sample size), I worked out that the top 5% might be paying 53.25%, but the next 5% are paying 11.64%, the next 15% pay 6% tax per 5% sample size, the next 25% highest earners pay only 2.6% per 5% sample. Rush is just manipulating the display of the figures to make it sound like the middle class are being screwed over by the poor! The question is, why? I think its because conservatives like Rush really dislike the idea of paying taxes to provide services for anyone but themselves, so anything they can do to turn people against the poor and needy is ok in their book and helps people like Bush get elected, who only dump on these people, while giving tax breaks to the extremely rich:

"the bill is heavily tilted toward the upper end of the income scale, with households that make over $1 million a year receiving an average tax cut or $93,500 in 2003, while households in the middle of the income spectrum receive an average tax cut of $217. Some 36 percent of households will receive no tax cut at all; 53 percent will receive $100 or less." source: Center on budget and policy priorities.

"The woman whose child killed classmate Kayla Rolland with an uncle's .32-caliber semiautomatic pistol worked at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill in an Auburn Hills mall. Clark is one of the Michigan employers receiving special tax breaks for hiring welfare recipients." source: Bowling for columbine.

Anyway, if his point is that he'd like to pay less tax then he should vote for someone who doesn't go invading other countries and racking up trillion dollar deficits! Who do you think pays for that Rush? Newsflash moron: you do!

If you really want the poor to pay more tax, you could vote to increase funding in schools and fight for state funded health services. Healthy workers tend to work more and be more productive (which helps the economy) and educated people get higher paid jobs - hence they pay more taxes!

Rush definitely gets the f***wit of the month award. What a pathetic, evil little weasel.

Tuesday, 21 December 2004

A little message to Marketing and PR

from Bill Hicks. Bill, you may well be my personal hero.

Kind of makes me wish I had the email address of the old hag that used to do PR/Marketing/Personnel at my old company - what a waste of oxygen she was.

Think how much cheaper stuff would be if we didn't have to pay for all these lousy useless creeps' BMWs and 'lunches with clients'. Hell, maybe we'd even get pay-rises on time. W**kers.

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WEP hacking

I knew wireless wasn't that secure, but hacking into a network in a few seconds? Holly crap.

WEP:Dead Again, Part 1

update: part 2 here.

Better try this out at home and see if mine gets cracked that easily.

Article found on Slashdot.

Friday, 17 December 2004

How to really pi** off Micro$oft

As most people know, Micro$oft are in a price war with SONY over the Playstation 2, so they actually loose money on the XBox hardware, i.e. they're selling it at a loss. You can pick up an XBox now for around £100. They expect to make their money back on games sales. I say take advantage of this.

Here's an excellent guide to forcing Linux onto your unsuspecting XBox:

"The Xbox is a legacy-free PC by Microsoft that consists of an Intel Celeron 733 MHz CPU, an nVidia GeForce 3MX, 64 MB of RAM, a 8/10 GB hard disk, a DVD drive and 10/100 Ethernet. As on every PC, you can run Linux on it."

Sounds like a good idea to me: having a fully functional, brand-new, decent spec PC - with standardised hardware that actually works properly with the OS software - for around £100? Cool.

I've paid 4/5 times as much for the same hardware and thats usually been reconditioned by some chimp who thinks 'reconditioning' simply meens 're-installing 2000 on it and giving it a quick dust'.

Thursday, 16 December 2004

Proof that AOL really is only for dumba55e5

What hope has humanity got left when people are this dumb? They'll buy anything that the corporate machine tells them they need. This is why Bush got in for a second term.

"I kind of thought it was like subscribing to the yellow pages," said Lewen. "We kept getting copies of the phone book, so I thought AOL was doing that. I also wanted the virus protection, because it was flu season."


(link found on

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Mein Dating Service

Remember the good old days of W.W. II when us Europeans were fighting for our very lives, when you actually had to encourage the Yanks to come to war rather than holding them back and Hitler was trying to create his master race of blond-haired, blue-eyed Arians? Well now the American right wing are joining where Hitler left off! is a dating site exclusively for the right wing that lets bible-bashing gun-toting rednecks find their perfect match (with an aim to creating the master race). You'll notice of course that it doesn't have a box that lets people look for same-sex relationships, because good conservatives don't go in for all that immoral homosexual non-sense do they? It does however let anyone search for 18 year old schoolgirls called Britney (regardless of your age), so i guess that's ok then. Here's a few examples:

"Well, I grew up with two Republican parents, but I'd like to think I came to my conservative views myself. I live in what I would argue to be the second most liberal city in the country, yet my convictions still hold strong, if not stronger." Tiffany, Mukilteo, WA.

Wow, you sound like a barrel of fun Tiff.

"Well, I'm a God-fearing child, a faithful friend, always smiles even if there's a problem, I'm a choir in our church, an obedient daughter..." 'Love' Cagayan de Oro, PHL.

Did somebody say 'behaviour modifying chip in head'? 'Must think good thoughts... MUST think good thoughts... keep smiling!'

"I am currently a student in... gynaecology because that is my passion... it seems like all I've met here are men incapable of standing firm in an argument." Laura, Fall City, WA

I imagine its hard for a man to argue when you're holding his testicles, but i expect he'd be firm. Maybe this is my match though; Gynaecology is one of my favourite things, more of a hobby than a profession though, strictly speaking.

"I'm an animal lover (especially with dogs, dolphins, and horses)" Tina, Cleveland, Oh.

Eww, is that legal? Maybe in 'Oh'-land.

Anyway... that's not all, you also get access to pro-right propaganda, like: 'Why Liberals STILL Don't Get It'. I particularly like the way the writer 'Ron Marr' (never heard of him) describes Michael Moore as a 'traitorous pig' but fails to explain why and claims that democratic voters consisted entirely of upper class city snobs! He fails to back this ridiculous claim up with any kind of evidence of course; How could he because its completely ridiculous? Each state voted almost 50:50, give or take, so by Ron's logic then, 50% of each state consists of your rich lay-about liberals, while the rest are your working class heroes (and Gynaecologists presumably fall into that category)? Are you telling me that in Texas and Florida 50% of the population are your 'ruling class' elite? Movie producers, lawyers, politicians, oil barons, models, actors and so on? Get f***ing real!

His drivel continues: 'the radical Muslims attacked us...not vice versa'; Yes, they did, not the Iraqis. None of the attackers came from Iraq. The problem is that Ron is too dumb to realise that the world isn't just split into America, her allies and 'Muslim country'. Just because a hand-full of terrorists from one mostly-muslim country attacks on your soil, it doesn't give you the right to lay siege to an totally different country! An entire country! Hell, it doesn't even really give you the right to lay siege to the country they came from!

So how about we start our own 'master race' program and neuter all the dumb people? The quickest way of doing this is to give dumb people a running-kick square in the balls. Lets start with Ron Marr.

Thursday, 2 December 2004

Social Engineering

What is social engineering?

This is.

Man, people are stupid.

...really, really, amazingly stupid! Wow.

Check out the top 100 IRC quotes... Laughing my a** off.

Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Games these days....

Lets face it, XBOX LIVE Sucks donkey balls (I've got a 500k connection and its still lagging like hell), online multi-player games are slow and jerky and you'll only end up being shouted at by 12 year old american nerds. Most of the games you play are bad ports from the PC, with a few exceptions like Halo.

In fact, games have never been the same since the good old Spectrum days, remember Nebulus? Or for that matter, the early days of the PC weren't bad, Doom kicked ass, it did so much with so little. These days games creaters sacrifice story and playability for the latest geek-pant-wetting top-notch scientifically-acurate-to-12-decimal-places graphical effects that only someone with about £3000 can afford to play becasue that how much the system they're going to need to build will cost! Ok, they look pretty, but if I wanted to just sit there watching cool special effects, I'd sit down to watch the Matrix on DVD... again.... for like, the 1000th time.

Why don't they release these games with options to turn down all the special effects a little, like Unreal did (the first one), so you can just about manage to play it on the average PC?

In the good old days, people did more with less. Are you listening Mr Gates? Your f***ing web browser has a footprint of 23 Meg! 23,000k and what does it do for f*** sake? Display text and graphics and stupid flash adverts!

Every time I can finally afford to buy a new PC and I upgrade all my software versions with the new OS installation, I end up with a PC that does less than the the one I replaced because they've added so much more bloat-ware to the OS, browser and movie players the system actually runs slower!

Time to switch to linux and buy a Playstation or a Gamecube or something...