Thursday, 4 November 2004

This Is Bullcrap

Well, that's it then. Bugger.

What really made me nauseous during this election was the disgusting way in which the far right were peddaling the line 'a vote for the Democrats is a vote for terrorists'. That's so amazingly stupid it makes me weep. Are you so retarded that you honestly believe that crap?

Its a sad day when Americans can be frightened and fooled by propaganda into voting for Bush. It was close though, which gives me some hope that one day the other half of America will wake up and smell the bull**** these guys are trying to push. I only hope that by then its not too late.

Still, no reason to give up. You still have the right to protest when your government does something stupid in the next four years.

At least there's allways the chance that we'll get rid of Blair over here next May. Hopefully the next PM won't be such a puppet.