Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Another voting farce Forum -> Voting Machines tied to Cheney & Carlyle Group.

If this is true, it could well be that Bush has done it again and conned his way into the White House. I don't think anyone in their right mind could dispute that he got in by fraud the first time round but I'm keeping an open mind about it this time, having realised just how may Americans are red-neck, right wing, bigoted, bible-bashing gun nuts, like these guys (actually, it seems this site has gone down recently, its was just a bunch of people posting pictures and holding up 'congratulations Bush' signs).

I heard stories of voting machines defaulting to 'Bush' during the vote and people blaming the touch-screen voting errors on people: ABQjournal: Some Early Voters Say Machines Mark Incorrect Choices

"Griffith said she's afraid some votes will go to the wrong candidates by accident. 'People need to know that they have to be careful,' she said. 'I'm concerned that people who don't check and double-check will try to vote for a candidate and not realize that the vote went to another candidate."

Touch-Screen voting. Probably the dumbest idea I've heard of in a long time. I've worked with those things before and they need constant recalibrating. I can't believe they decided to use this stupid system for voting. What the hell is wrong with buttons, computer-readable cards or even good old fashioned pen and ink - remember them? Stupid f***ers.

I think they should bring the UN into America next time, to observe and help the voting process, like they do in unstable African third-world countries where they're holding elections for the first time in decades after ridding themselves of some evil dictator who'd previously gone around killing whole towns for not voting for him. Its the only way to ensure completely fair voting and restore peoples faith in democracy again.