Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Another voting farce Forum -> Voting Machines tied to Cheney & Carlyle Group.

If this is true, it could well be that Bush has done it again and conned his way into the White House. I don't think anyone in their right mind could dispute that he got in by fraud the first time round but I'm keeping an open mind about it this time, having realised just how may Americans are red-neck, right wing, bigoted, bible-bashing gun nuts, like these guys (actually, it seems this site has gone down recently, its was just a bunch of people posting pictures and holding up 'congratulations Bush' signs).

I heard stories of voting machines defaulting to 'Bush' during the vote and people blaming the touch-screen voting errors on people: ABQjournal: Some Early Voters Say Machines Mark Incorrect Choices

"Griffith said she's afraid some votes will go to the wrong candidates by accident. 'People need to know that they have to be careful,' she said. 'I'm concerned that people who don't check and double-check will try to vote for a candidate and not realize that the vote went to another candidate."

Touch-Screen voting. Probably the dumbest idea I've heard of in a long time. I've worked with those things before and they need constant recalibrating. I can't believe they decided to use this stupid system for voting. What the hell is wrong with buttons, computer-readable cards or even good old fashioned pen and ink - remember them? Stupid f***ers.

I think they should bring the UN into America next time, to observe and help the voting process, like they do in unstable African third-world countries where they're holding elections for the first time in decades after ridding themselves of some evil dictator who'd previously gone around killing whole towns for not voting for him. Its the only way to ensure completely fair voting and restore peoples faith in democracy again.

Monday, 15 November 2004

Revenge of the Jedi Goat

Only in America.

I was watching TV last night, somewhat hung-over from the all-night fancy dress drink-a-thon birthday party I'd been to the previous night/morning and stumbled across Channel 4's documentary series 'crazy rulers of the world'.

The show was about experiments the US Army did into physic warfare. This started as a sort of 'hippy adventure' of one disillusioned Vietnam general and ended up actually being taken seriously by certain people in high authority.

The hippy general (who I thought sort of looked like an evil version of Mork) gave a report to top-brass which had a cover on it similar to that prog-rock band yes and had badly drawn cartoon pictures inside it of people in crappy futuristic white and silver uniforms holding lambs and wearing speakers that would blast out 'calming music' to the enemy. Brilliant! Imagine being in a trench with bombs blowing up all around you and all of a sudden, some would-be-Abba-tribute-band turns up and starts dancing around with lambs and trying to give you a hug... talk about mind-f***s!. I wouldn't know weather to shoot them or wet my pants laughing.

They started with experiments like trying to stop the heart of a goat using mind power and trying to walk through walls (I was laughing my ass off a that one), they called it 'project jedi'. They also experimented with some practical pressure point self-defense stuff. I don't think there's anything 'magical' about pressure points, but they do work. Remember the feeling when you bang your funny bone on the edge of a table? That's a pressure point. I got punched there once by accident and it ached like hell for about two weeks.

In last nights episode they covered subliminal messages and brainwashing. Apparently the US Army noticed that certain sounds and frequencies could be used to affect the mind! They noticed that a lot of helicopter pilots had crashed in Vietnam for no apparent reason and many of the survivors said they remembered feeling sick and dizzy just before crash-landing. They found the reason was the strobe effect of the sunlight through the blades, which reached a certain frequency and sort of shut-down the brain. The 'non lethal weapons' department is looking into creating a weapon that effects the brain and just shuts you down. Scary stuff.

Since then, the army have been doing some pretty strange things like blaring out relly loud music and bright lights in Waco and throwing Iraqi prisoners into shipping crates and playing 'Barney the dinosaur' to them at high volume, over and over again. At first I thought this was kind of funny, until i saw the pictures of the people really suffering and then I kind of felt a little sick. Just because you don't slap them around and break their toes with hammers like the 'good old days', still doesn't mean you're not being sadistic evil bastards.

But apparently, the guy who stopped the goats heart died of a heart problem some years later, so I guess the goat fought back! I wonder if before it died it said 'If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine! Baa-aaaah'.

Rest in peace, Jedi Goat.

Friday, 12 November 2004

'Positive' discrimination

I was watching TV last night, or rather, flipping through the channels with a beer in one hand and the remote in another and a glazed look on my face while I vegged out after a typically crap day at work.

As usual there was nothing worth watching on, but I watched it anyway. I ended up watching half of this documentary about the prison service training new recruits. While the guy in charge was talking about the service he mentioned the issue of 'race relations' and the fact that the prison service had been accused of being 'institutionally racist'.

This confused me a little. Just how can an inanimate object or concept or organisation be racist anyway, surely the people in it have to be racist for this to be true? One of the guard officers said 'that doesn't mean the people in it are racist, but the organisation itself'. This sounds to me like what they really mean is 'there aren't enough ethnic minorities in here' when they accuse an institution of being racist. I call that fascism. So what if they don't have 'enough' ethnic minorities anyway, just how many is enough? Does it matter if they can do the job or not or are the Political Correctness Police only concerned with colour?

In the group of trainees, there was a reasonable selection of ethnicity. Granted most of them were basically Caucasian, but there were some who weren't and were perfectly suited for the job, and luckily enough for the boss, 'ethnically diverse' (he explained he had a quota to meet). What caught my attention though, was the short, fat, slow-witted Indian-mother-of-three.

This woman was pretty much too short and unfit for the job anyway, but she couldn't take orders, couldn't use her radio because she muttered and mispronounced her words and nobody could understand a damn word she was saying and she couldn't work out when to use her radio and what buttons to press. None of the prisoners took any notice of her as she was hardly authoritative and not very good at projecting herself. She was slow and forgetful, unaware, bad at handling people and bad at working in a group, etc. In short, everything a prison guard shouldn't be!

The Superior officer even said 'we couldn't discriminate against her based on height'. That just made my jaw drop. I mean, come on. What's next? We can't discriminate against aircraft pilots that are blind?

Later on, slow-witted Indian mother-of-three actually filed a complaint of bullying against one of her fellow trainees. This got the management worried, would she play the dreaded 'discrimination card'? It was seriously f***ing childish. Anyone training to lock up drug dealers, murderers and terrorists needs to have thicker skin than that. Not that her colleague did anything wrong anyway, she was just stressed out and looking for a scapegoat for her failures.

Everybody (including myself) thought she'd be kicked out but the Boss said that he didn't 'hire and fire', he just made recommendations to 'top brass' and they made the final decisions. We found out at the end of the program that there are actually 'quotas' to be met regarding ethnic minorities and the bosses main criticism of that as well as mine is that it means anyone can become a prison guard if they're the right colour. This isn't any improvement on racism, its just dumb.

There was actually only one person that could dismiss people on the spot, the ex-army self defence tutor. He said that if anyone is unfit, dangerous or basically just 'crap at this', then he'd fail them. Guess who 'just managed to pass'? Yes, slow-witted Indian mother-of-three. Unbelievable.

I just hope they don't start doing this in the Police and the Army. Maybe they do already!

So, my advice to anyone applying for a job in the civil service who's Caucasian and not qualified: on your form where it says 'ethnicity', write down 'Indian'. I'm pretty sure they can't dispute it, because that would probably be considered racist or something! This way, you stand a much better chance of getting the job, (apparantly). So what if you don't look it? Its hard to tell these days anyway, look at Michael Jackson.


Thursday, 4 November 2004

This Is Bullcrap

Well, that's it then. Bugger.

What really made me nauseous during this election was the disgusting way in which the far right were peddaling the line 'a vote for the Democrats is a vote for terrorists'. That's so amazingly stupid it makes me weep. Are you so retarded that you honestly believe that crap?

Its a sad day when Americans can be frightened and fooled by propaganda into voting for Bush. It was close though, which gives me some hope that one day the other half of America will wake up and smell the bull**** these guys are trying to push. I only hope that by then its not too late.

Still, no reason to give up. You still have the right to protest when your government does something stupid in the next four years.

At least there's allways the chance that we'll get rid of Blair over here next May. Hopefully the next PM won't be such a puppet.

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Okay, No More Politics

At least until after the election....

*holds breath*

...which will probably be in about a months time after all the lawyers have stopped arguing about how many different ways there are to count votes - like last time.


Okay.... starting now....!

*holds breath again*

The suspense is killing me.