Saturday, 23 October 2004

Who the hell keeps casting Vinny Jones?

Most people that know me know I have this thing about VJ. I just can't stand the anoying chav. So here's a rant dedicated to the king of 'acting hard'.

I considered linking to a picture of Vinny Jones here but trust me, nobody needs to see that ugly mug. Instead, for those of you (lucky people) who don't know who he is, go see Eurotrip. Its trashy, tacky and pretty much what you'd expect, but it made me laugh anyway and at least you get to see Michelle Trachtenberg in a bikini... nice!

Anyway... what ruins this movie and every single f***ing movie he appears in is that mongoloid w***er Vinny Jones (as the over-irritating British football hooligan),
once again playing the part of himself. Vinny Jones doesn't have any acting talent, at all. I mean none. Whenever he pops up like a cancer on a film he's playing himself, over and over and the same f***ing annoying over-the-top way, constantly trying to assert his manliness and let us all know how super hard he is. I'm guessing he needs to tell everyone how hard he is all the time because really he's a closet cross-dresser. Just my opinion but anyone that finds it necessary to make the world think their hard all the time and is so utterly obsessed with doing so, probably has some serious childhood issues with his mother, if you know what I mean.

Personally, I'd like to kick him square in the balls whilst wearing steal-toe-capped boots - after taking a long run-up. It would be the least he deserves for forcing me to see his ugly face in so many films and adverts.

Stop.... whaCk!.... appearing.... whACK!.... in..... wHACK!.... films... WHACK!

You're on my list f***er.

UPDATE: I knew I'd find you here.

Vinnie was voted 64.38% anoying in 2004. Cast your vote for 2005 here.