Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Rumsfeld questions Saddam-Bin Laden link

Well there you go...

No Saddam-Bin Laden link

..in the words of the great war-chief himself.

So lets sum the war effort up so far:

* Before the war, anyone in Iraq who spoke out against Saddam would be tortured and killed. Now people are killed indescriminantly and those supporting Sadam that are captured alive are tortuered by dumb red-necks on prison gaurd duty in 'detainment centers' (which isn't the same thing as 'concentration camps', oh no), but at least its only a 'small minority'.
* Saddam was a very nasty man (who the USA put there in the first place, BTW). Now the people have a much nicer unelected political puppet to control them.
* Ok, Saddam wasn't the only evil dictator in the world, arguably he's a B-list dictator, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right W? I meen those South African dictators don't have any oil, do they?
* Incidentally.... Iraq has a shed-load of oil!
* After we've 'installed democracy' in Iraq, everyone can buy Maccy D's and Starbuck's coffee and wear Nike trainers.

* No WMDs found
* No indications of an on-going WMD programme
* No links to terrorists found
* Iraq is now less stable and even more dangerous than it was under Saddam (more civilians and soldiers dying).
* We have alienated the populace against us.
* Nobdy trusts America or the UK anymore and we have dragged our good name through the mud.

Who's going to free us from our dicatorial regiem? That what I want to know.

Terrorise this!