Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Peasant Scum

Oh, I f***ing hate Chavs.

I hate 'em, I wanna kick 'em in the nuts!
Sqwar in the nuuuts!

Worthless designer T-shirt'-wearing goldchain coverting scum, driving around town at twice the speed limit while using their mobile and pumping out the brown noise from their stupid cheap crappy cars which they've spent all of their Mum's dole money on and drilled holes in the engine and exhaust so it makes even more noise in the hope that people will think they've really got some super 'monster truck' engine under there instead of the 10cc 2hp smelly piece of crap that they bought second hand of their mate 'Dez'. Ahhhgggg! Listen you stupid, uneducated fools, nobody gives a f*** about the engine in your crappy rust-bucket car, get some motor insurance, learn to drive, read a f***ing book and get a job!

I resent that my taxes pay for these f***ers dole money.