Thursday, 21 October 2004

Gulf War III

BBC: Iran to hear final nuclear offer

So, looks like we'll be invading Iran next! Bush could probably get away with this because most Americans don't know the difference between Iran and Iraq anyway and get the names confused.

I can see what Iran is trying to do, they're trying to arm themselves sufficiently to defend against the kind of invasion that happened in Iraq (i.e. next door to them). I mean, if the USA can invade any country they feel like these days with any old lame excuse, then if I were them, I'd be worried too. Look at other countries like China and North Korea (and others on the 'Axis of evil' list), You know that there's no way the USA would go anywhere near those countries, because that would just be suicide. They have Nukes and WMDS. We have WMDS, that's what keeps us and them safe from invasion, the threat of retaliation. Can you really blame Iran for wanting that capability, that security? We see them as the big evil, they see us as the big evil and so the psychotic dance continues....

So maybe we should just sell them some nukes?

Then we'd know for sure they had them, we could save millions on the cost of failed weapons inspections and the subsequent mass-invasion. Think about all the lives (coalition troops and innocent Iranian civilians) that would be saved. That would remove the threat of invasion for Iran and make them feel safer and might make them feel less hostile towards the west too. For them it would be one hell of a Xmas present. Nobody shoots at Santa Clause.

Also, it would be sending a positive message to all Muslims out there who are so permanently p***ed off at how we support Israel and arm them with weapons all the time. It would help to build some bridges and maybe dissuade a few more Muslims from becoming terrorists.

Ok, Israel would have kittens when they found out, so what? They have nukes too. There's just no way that Iran would ever use them because they know for sure that the USA, UK, Israel and various others would nuke them right back (and have the perfect justification for doing so)!

What's the alternative? Threaten, investigate, invade? Just like Iraq... and didn't that work out well!