Friday, 8 October 2004

Culture Of Denial

We're sorry, our bad. Seems like our intelligence was complete bull****. Yeah, right, blame it on MI6, even though Tony Blair told them what to say in the report and how to say it.

How come its the Trade and Industry Secretary appologising first, how about a proper apology from the big man himself? Otherwise, it really doesn't seem like a proper apology to me, more like the wishful thinking of one minister. I doubt very much that Tony is sorry, I bet in his big fat head he's still thinking 'well, I did it for the good of the people, you can't always be popular and do the right thing'. Ahhhg. We need more frequent elections!

Why is it these days that we have a culture of denial, where nobody is ever willing to be held accountable, even when there is irrefutable evidence? Why is it that when they finally do apologise, its indirect? You get a letter or some secretary tells you.

Its the same with companies and I see it all the time. Something goes wrong at work, I get yelled at down the phone from the support monkeys, (usually Friday at around 5pm is when they like to log a problem with me, especially ones that have been going on for days). I then spend hours looking into it, checking all the systems and find out that the problem lies at their end. I hear a few days later that they've finally accepted that but I never get any kind of apology from anyone, ever. These idiots will do all sorts of things, like changing network card settings and assigning multiple computers the same IP address, and yet the first thing they blame when there's a fault is the software.

Shove your apology... Sideways.