Thursday, 23 September 2004

Morning has broken, like the 1st Amendment

Cat Stevens was refused entry into the USA on security grounds.

Presumably because:
" In the late 1980s he shocked many of his former fans by supporting the fatwa ordered by the Ayatollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie, which led to him being put under a death sentence by the Iranian government.

And in 2000 he was deported from Israel over allegations that he backed the militant Islamic group Hamas. "

But the real question is, is he actually guilty of aiding and abetting terrorists? Because if he wasn't then according to the 1st amendment (freedom of speech) there's no reason why he shouldn't be let into the country. Tailed, spyed on, bugged and recorded, protested against, maybe even egged by protesters, but not refused entry. I mean, come on.

Ok, he's an a**hole for supporting the fatwa. That's my opinion. But opinions don't meen aiding and abetting illegal action. Not unless you offer some sort of help in some way, like cash.

If he offered any help or cash, then fair enough, but it looks like they just kicked him out of their country for having an opinion they didn't like!

So much for the 'land of the free'.